At long last, my dream of riding in Alaska has become a reality and in fact, I’m back home now and even unpacked!  Well, I should say the clothes are unpacked.  The rest of the unpacking is going to take a bit longer because Alaska is everything and nothing I expected it to be.

I suspect that as I start to pull it all apart and write the posts about the days of my trip it will reveal even more.  Rather like the layers of an onion.  I have unfinished business with Alaska now and at some point will return to close that chapter.  But I feel pretty confident saying that it won’t be right away.

This was a very emotional experience for me, and not just now in hindsight.  There was a moment on the trip that I came around a bend and stopped overlooking a meadow full of fireweed and greenery, a river and in the distance a mountain and glacier.  I was so in awe that my jaw dropped and tears sprang into my eyes for several moments.  This was when it hit me that I was in Alaska!  I could not have known in it that moment, but this was going to be a pivotal day for me.  It sounds cliche to say the trip changed my life, but I know that it has.

I learned a great deal about myself and a few things about human nature on this trip.  In both cases, some positive and some not so positive.  I reminded myself often that I can only change myself and that’s where my focus will be going forward.  Out of this experience I will become a stronger, more confident rider.  Also a different rider than before.  Sometimes change is hard, but I am ready to do the work.

I’ll be back, Alaska.  But first, I want to soak in the experience of my first trip there a little while longer.

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