Holiday Adventure in Colorado

Just before I left for British Columbia, my riding partner asked if I was interested in planning a multi-day trip to southwest Colorado.  Of course I am, I said!  Then he clued me in that he was thinking of this for the July 4th holiday timeframe.  Since it was already early June I thought there is no way this is going to work – where will we stay on such short notice?  A million thoughts went through my mind, most of them about why this wasn’t going to work.  And then a new one – but, what if it could. . .???

We started discussing possible routes, hotel budgets and timelines.  We both asked for time off work.  I found someone to take care of my cat.  Whoa, this might work!  We spent a few hours and many text messages collaborating on hotel options along our desired route.  I give him most of the credit for that legwork and securing the majority of the reservations.  The only one outstanding was for July 4th and we wanted to be in Durango, CO.  We tagged teamed the search and I’m pretty sure I secured the last two hotel rooms available in Durango or the surrounding area!  Success!

I headed off on my British Columbia trip with the basic structure of this trip secured.  My riding partner had not done an overnight trip with this bike before, so I recommended packing tips to try while I was away.  As I was returning home from BC it dawned on me that I had never traveled with my “Sassy”either.  Well, time to take my own advice then!  There was much to do and discuss and only 3 short weeks before our departure.  I wondered how it would go; would either of us wish we had not done the trip?

Another take away from this trip for me, is that there is more than one way to do a multi-day motorcycle trip.  That may seem terribly obvious, but so far my multi-day trips have followed a bit of a pattern.  KSU early in the morning, short pre-planned gas and restroom stops, a quick lunch and arrive at the hotel at check in time.  This trip was not planned out that way, nor did it happen that way.  That doesn’t mean it was wrong, it was just different and for that I am grateful.  I was reminded that my way is not the only way and I can, indeed, adapt.  <gasp!>

I’m writing this post from the hotel lobby in Salida, CO.  This is our final evening before we head home.  I am pleased to say that from my perspective, the trip has been amazing!  I think my riding partner would agree, but I’ll be sure to ask him very soon.  I have experienced some parts of Colorado for the very first time.  Others I vaguely remember from a car trip many years ago.  A couple were a blur in my memory as I passed through them as part of my first rally as a pillion.

I have lost count of how many times I said “WOW!” as we came around a corner to see another stunning view of the mountains.  It has been great for me to do a multi day trip in a different way.  I’ve learned to pack a dry bag, about summer travel and to let go of some of the scheduling and let the day unfold.  What an amazing experience this has been; I am so, so grateful!




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