British Columbia – Day 9 (finale!)

Harrison Hot Springs, BC to Vancouver, BC – 141.4 km/87 miles

Our last day of riding together was upon us.  The plan for the day was to return to Vancouver, drop the three rental motorcycles and then take a taxi back to our hotel to meet the two who had ridder their own bikes.

Our days of leisurely riding quiet little two lane roads were over.  This day was a lot of traffic on roads that are comparable to the interstates in the U.S.  It’s not my favorite, but I can do it and on this day, there was just no way around it.  As we came closer to Vancouver, the traffic increased and so did the temperature.

As we came into Vancouver, I felt my own anxiety level rising a bit.  The traffic was pretty intense, there were cars merging everywhere and my focus was on returning that rental motorcycle safely!  It seemed the closer we came to the rental shop, the more cars were on the road with us.  I’m sure that’s not true, but it was my perception at the time.  I also noticed drivers were more aggressive with each other and with us.  They wanted to arrive at their destination as badly as we did.

The good news is that we all arrived safely at the rental shop and the motorcycles were all checked in and emptied very quickly.  I knew I would forget to write down the final mileage, so I took a photo of my trip odometer before handing the keys back! 2,015.2 km for the overall trip is what my bike registered.  That is about 1252 miles for those keeping track!


Final odometer reading for the trip – 2,015.2 km


Back at the hotel there was a long conversation about how the day went and how the overall trip went.  I’m going to boil it down to this: there were some strong opinions and disagreements, especially about the approach that day.  It didn’t feel resolved when we started to head out the next morning and I doubt it ever will be.  While all of that made me uncomfortable, I have learned to take responsibility for myself and I feel like I did that.  I left Vancouver feeling grateful for the experience and with some lessons learned.

People have asked how I liked the 750GS compared to my 700GS and I can honestly say that I am not planning on trading mine in any time soon.  I thought the 750 shifted a bit more smoothly than mine does, but mine also has features I like that the 750 doesn’t.  Riding wise, I think they are both equally comfortable, although it’s not a fair comparison since the 750 has a stock seat (uncomfortable!) and my 700 came with a Sargent seat included.

I am very grateful for this experience.  I learned some things along the way and have already applied those lessons to my recent trip around southwest Colorado which I will write about soon.  British Columbia is one of my favorite places to ride now and I hope to be fortunate enough to return in the near future!



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