British Columbia – Day 8

Keremeos, BC to Harrison Hot Springs, BC – 245km/152 miles

The reality was sinking in that our trip was rapidly nearing its end.  This was our last stop before heading back to Vancouver and returning to our respective homes.  It was a pretty easy riding day, nothing too exciting happened which can be a positive all on its own.

I recall the lovely road out of Keremeos and a good amount of twisties that were enjoyable to ride.  We also started to encounter more traffic and more large trucks.  There was every indication that we were heading back toward the more populated parts of British Columbia.

One of the parts of group riding that we stressed in our pre-trip calls was watching out for the person behind you – if you don’t see them or they are far back, slow down.  That should cause the folks in front of you to do the same, assuming each are checking their mirrors.  It’s a sort of chain reaction that works well when people abide by it.  Unfortunately, on this day the riding order had changed a bit and not everyone was diligent about looking in their mirrors.  We nearly lost our sweep when the group turned off the road we had been on and the person in front of her wasn’t watching.  Maybe I’m a worrier, but I look for everyone behind me and when I saw the sweep was missing, I pulled over.    Thankfully she saw us and was able to re-connect but then the group in front of us was long gone.  I took us straight down the road hoping to catch a glimpse of them somewhere and considering how far to go before I pulled over to call or text.  Not that they could answer, but I assumed at some point they would realize three of us were missing and would stop.  We finally saw them at a gas station and turned in also. Needless to say, this experience did not make for very positive attitudes for the rest of the day.

We all arrived safely and together at Harrison Hot Springs resort in the early afternoon.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the various pools and taking a walk around town.  We found a great restaurant for dinner and then treated ourselves to some ice cream before doing more exploring.  I felt like the undercurrent of frustration from the afternoon was still lingering in the group because we had never aired it out.  The next day that suspicion would be confirmed.  I don’t want that to be the lasting memory I had of an amazing trip to Canada, yet here I am still thinking about it.

The area around our hotel was just stunning and I couldn’t take enough photos of the mountains and lake!  I feel like I keep saying this was one of my favorite places from this trip, but it was so peaceful and beautiful and I truly enjoyed it.

Like so many of the places I visited on this trip, Harrison is one I would love to return to again and spend more time exploring the area.  Or, simply hanging out in their pools.  Either one would be just fine with me!

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