British Columbia – Day 7

Kaslo, BC to Keremeos, BC – 418.7 km/260.1 mi

This day started fairly early because we knew it was a longer day and it was supposed to be hot in Keremeos.  By the end of the day, I would realize that “hot” was an understatement!

We again retraced our “steps” to New Denver and had breakfast at the lovely place we’d gotten ice cream the day before.  The owner was happy to see us return and we exchanged Instagram information so she could follow our trip.

I don’t remember where we stopped for lunch, but I recall that we all ended up eating ice cream and whining about how hot it was already!  I also noticed after lunch that I was seeing a lot of signs for U.S. border crossings and customs.  I didn’t realize how close we were to the border until I looked at a map that evening in Keremeos.  There were no food options close to our accommodations in Keremeos so we opted to stop at the grocery store in Osoyoos and pick up some salad supplies.  At the first grocery store deli, we asked about roasted chickens and they were so shocked to be sold out they offered to call a competitor in town and ask if they had any and would hold one for us.  I was absolutely stunned by this customer service – it rarely, if ever happens in the U.S.  The other thing I noticed when we stopped in Osoyoos was that it felt like being in an oven, it was SO hot!  My phone weather app registered 94 degrees and while I am used to the dry, dessert heat, this felt like it was well over 100 degrees.

Along the route on this day I was thinking of my dad and how much he would have loved this trip and all the sights.  Not much later I looked up to see a beautiful bald eagle perched near the highway on a telephone pole.  Very nearby was another large bird and I wondered if it was a juvenile eagle because it didn’t yet have the distinctive white head and tail but it was about the same size.  It felt like my dad saying hello to me and reminding me he is with me always!

Our accommodations in Keremeos were as amazing as the ones in Kaslo the night before.  I had a condo to myself and a beautiful deck overlooking the mountains.  The deck was shared by all the units on that side of the building and one of the ladies on the trip was my neighbor.  The other ladies rooming together made a wonderful salad and brought everything over to our side because we had such a beautiful view.  We also met and talked to a couple staying near us when we asked them to take a group photo.  While admiring the view, I saw a quail checking things out and heard what sounded like a large group of frogs singing.  So peaceful!

All in all, Keremeos was a lovely and relaxing evening.  It cooled off so nicely as the sun set that I was able to turn off the air conditioning and sleep with the patio door open!  The next morning we had a lovely breakfast before heading out and once again, I was sad to say goodbye.

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