British Columbia – Day 6

Day 6 – Nakusp, BC to Kalso, BC (with a side trip to Revelstoke!) – 258 km/160 mi

This may have been my favorite day of the entire trip!  We rode from Nakusp and caught the Galena Bay ferry across Upper Arrow Lake to Shelter Bay.  Then we rode to Revelstoke and had a leisurely breakfast.  There had been talk of riding to the ski mountain and checking out the roller coaster, but upon considering the logisitcs of getting in and out of gear, the group decided it wasn’t really worth all that.

After breakfast we rode back to Shelter Bay and retraced our steps so to speak, to where we had started that morning.  By now I was pretty comfortable putting the bike on a ferry and had really enjoyed the trips back and forth.  This ferry takes about 20 minutes to cross and it was enough time to take the helmet off, grab some photos and enjoy the peacefulness of being on the water.

As we had been riding between Nakusp and Galena Bay, we noticed a nice roadside pull out with a beautiful view of the mountains and the lake.  We decided to line the bikes up there for a photograph of them all together.  There was a beautiful memorial there as well and I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful, peaceful place to remember a loved one.

Once we returned to Nakusp, our lead rider peeled off to check for a lost item and I took over leading the group for a bit.  We enjoyed some nice twisty roads and beautiful views on the destination to our next stop, New Denver.  There we had planned to stop at a nice little ice cream shop and take a break.  As we spoke with the owner, we discovered that she is also a motorcyclist and she gave us some great tips on the roads to Kaslo!

I enjoyed the ride and twisties from New Denver to Kaslo!  Looking at the map now, I’m pretty sure we took 31A – that may sound strange, to not know what roads were were on, but by this point, our leader had re-joined the group and I turned my focus to enjoying my ride!  I especially enjoyed a couple of very tight turns that had a fun uphill component to them.  During this trip, I couldn’t help but compare my riding skills to the PNW trip from the previous year.  To say there is no comparison is an understatement and I am so grateful to the two ladies on the PNW trip that taught me!

We checked into the Kaslo Hotel which is a lovely “hotel” with condos for rent.  There may be regular rooms, I’m not certain, but we had arranged to share a 3 bedroom, two bathroom condo with a sleeper sofa.  It had a lovely outdoor space and we ended up having dinner right there, overlooking the lake.  This was one of the more upscale places we stayed in and it was perfect for our group.  It was at this point in the trip that I realized just how quickly the whole experience was coming to a close.  I don’t like to focus on that part, but the days seemed to go by much, much more quickly after our rest day.

I was a little sad to leave Kaslo the next morning, but I knew another great adventure was just around the corner!

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