British Columbia – Days 4 & 5

Day 4 – Lytton, BC to Nakusp, BC – 474 km/294 mi

Day 5 – Rest day!

As I mentioned, I didn’t sleep well the night before and that tends to make me a little grumpy.  The dreary, cold and wet weather on this day of riding didn’t help much!  We rode from Lytton to Merritt where we had planned to stop for breakfast.  Every one of those miles felt like double to me because I was not dressed warmly enough and was freezing!

I was so grateful for the stop in Merritt and the first thing I did was go into my top case and put on a fleece layer.  The other good news is that the rain finally stopped around the time we stopped for breakfast.  The F750GS has a rain mode, which I had a chance to try out.  My bike doesn’t have rain mode so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Part of our journey to Nakusp involved taking the bikes on a river ferry.  I admit that made me a little anxious because I didn’t know what to expect and had heard too many stories of dropped bikes.  I’m glad to report that our experience was easy peasy and no bikes were dropped!  The worst part may have been the approach to the ferry; it is a fairly steep hill and the bikes were parked pointing downward at quite an angle.  We angled them into a cement divider to help ensure they stayed put but it was “exciting” getting on and off the bikes!

I was really looking forward to our destination on this day – we were heading for 2 nights at Rider’s Retreat in Nakusp, BC.  Two of the ladies on the trip had stayed here many times before and highly recommended it. After staying here a couple nights, I can see why.

This is a place I think of as  “glamping” for motorcyclists only.  The accommodations are roomy tents, but each has a very comfortable air bed and nice sheets.  A cooler for storing your own food, a chair and a lantern are also included in each tent.  There is a coin operated shower, a real flush toilet and sink and a community kitchen with lots of power strips for charging phones, headsets, etc.  We were fortunate to be the only group at the Retreat those couple of nights so we had the place to ourselves.

I admit, I was also looking forward to the rest day.  On the trip last year, we found a rest day is really useful on trips this long and after a long riding day.  We had the chance to do laundry, relax and plan an optional side trip (or not!).

On my rest day, I ended up going to a spa to hang out in the large mineral water pool and then a nice dinner with the group.  Laundry was done in the morning and it was great to have clean base layers!  I enjoyed having a down day that I didn’t have to get up early and get moving for ksu (kick stands up) at a certain time.  It was great to linger over coffee and enjoy the quiet at Rider’s Retreat.

After an afternoon in the pool and a nice dinner with my friends, I felt rested, relaxed and ready to take on the upcoming days!

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