British Columbia – Day 3

Squamish, BC to Lytton, BC – 258 km/160 miles

This was a pretty amazing day!  I agreed to ride sweep for the group and it was my first experience doing so for this many riders.  It was both more difficult and more rewarding than I expected!

As we were leaving Squamish, one of the riders’ bikes stalled at a stoplight.  She seemed a little frazzled (as I would be also) as she tried to get it started and people were going around her on bikes and in cars.  I yelled out something like “you’re ok, just breathe!” and hoped it was received in the encouraging tone it was intended.

Shortly after we got underway and back with the group, a rider on a sport bike went whizzing by me and inserted himself in front of the rider who had stalled.  That did nothing to help her nerves and I was grateful when he moved on and out of our group.  During the day we encountered a lot of other riders, sometimes riding alone or in small groups.  I was impressed that all maintained a respectful distance behind me and waited until I waved them on to go around us before doing so.  Most also waved their thanks to me as they passed, which I appreciated.

One of the more challenging parts of being sweep, at least for me, was communicating non-verbally with the lead rider.  I was doing my best to make a space for the entire group when a passing lane would end and to warn them of a car or group of bikes passing, but sometimes it was difficult.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this, as I am interested in always learning and growing my skills.  This definitely added to my toolbox.

For me, this day was pretty uneventful until we reached our destination in Lytton, BC.  The resort we were staying at had a lot of gravel in their roadways which put everyone on edge.  It didn’t help that me and another rider got separated from the group at the resort and had no idea where we were going.

All ended well with the group coming back together and helping each other to park and move bikes to ensure they were secure.  No one dropped their bikes and we soon were unpacked, in our canvas cabins and ready for some relaxation.

While I honestly liked  the canvas “cabins” and the surroundings were absolutely beautiful, there is a train that runs very near and all hours of the day and night.  This was a day that I could have used some good rest, but that was not to be!



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