British Columbia – Days 1 & 2

Day 1 – Denver to Vancouver, BC (by plane!)

Day 2 – Vancouver to Squamish, BC – 106.9 km/ 66.4 mi

This trip my travel was uneventful, thank goodness.  I flew from Denver to Vancouver, BC with absolutely no issues.  Of my group of friends, I was the last one to arrive, so it was a relief when my flight left on time and landed a few minutes early.  A couple friends who landed ahead of me clued me into how to find the hotel shuttle and I only waited a couple minutes before it arrived.

That evening was a grand reunion for three of us and meeting a couple new people I’d only “met” via video calls to that point.  It was hard for those of us who met last year to believe it had been a year already.  It seems like the three of us have been friends for most of our lives.

We had an early night since everyone (even the ladies from Canada) had endured a long day of travel and we wanted to be well rested to begin our adventure the next morning.

Day 2 we met for breakfast then three of us took a taxi to pick up the rental motorcycles. I was very fortunate to have been upgraded from a BMW F700GS to a nearly new F750GS.  At dinner the night before, I heard that BMW had moved the gas tank back to the front of the bike and that made my anxiety level increase.  All I could think about was how I had struggled the previous year with the Vstrom and its front end weight.  I didn’t want another week of struggling to move my bike around.

Although only three of us were renting, there was nervous energy in the air before we started off.  I said to one of my pals that I was dealing with the ghosts of last year (meaning the bike struggles) and I was nearly in tears over it.  It seems silly now, but that was how I felt at the time.  We agreed to take it slow and easy through Vancouver and before we were out of the city limits, the 750GS and I were fast friends!


BMW F750GS – my rental for the trip

Once we left the city I felt more comfortable and it seems like everyone was finding their place again.  We rode to the top of Cyprus Mountain and it was quite chilly and foggy, but very pretty!  We didn’t stay at the top long, but enjoyed a twisty ride down and continued on to our destination for the day – Squamish, BC.

Even though this was a short riding day, it was good to let the nervous energy dissipate and allow those renting to become acquainted with their new bikes.  We made our destination in Squamish for a late lunch.  It was nice to have time to check in, unload the bikes, plan the next day’s route and just relax!

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