Alaska? Yes, Please!

I’ve been dreaming of Alaska for years now.  Literally, years.  I believe I even wrote something earlier about how it was still on the list but wasn’t likely to happen this year.  Well, sometimes life surprises us, doesn’t it?  Around the time I was changing jobs, I decided this was the year to go for it!  Go out of that limb and ask for the time off as part of my new job offer.  They said sure, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Wait, what?!  Oh my word, I am going to Alaska!!

Part of the decision, too is that I finally feel ready to take on a group tour like this.  I had considered it two years ago and felt that I did not yet have enough riding experience.  I changed plans and went on the PNW tour last year which was designed to be a teaching tour for newbies.  I’m glad I did, since I not only made some lifelong riding friends, but it gave me the confidence and experience I was lacking.

When I saw the dates for the tour this year and realized that the trip falls on my birthday, well, that grabbed my attention and I knew it was meant to be.  I also had a few conversations with the tour leader and others from the tour company to be sure I am prepared for this.  I feel confident that it is going to be an amazing experience.  I am going to arrive a day early so that I can take the rental GS out for some play time and also snag my last two Tour Of Honor sights, which just happen to be in Anchorage!

I suspect this is not a trip I will be repeating again as the cost is not insignificant.  Even renting and planning on my own, it’s an adventure with a large price tag.  I am so grateful that I’m able to experience this trip and that all my hard work and long hours as a contractor last year have paid off.

My focus right now is the British Columbia trip and reuniting with my two buddies from the PNW tour!  It’s only weeks away and now the reality of that is sinking in.  Once back, my focus will no doubt shift to Alaska and really feeling the excitement of that trip.

As always, I’ll be sharing insights and details of my trips once I return.  And photos, too, of course!  This is going to be an exciting riding season and I can hardly wait for all the experiences ahead of me!

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