Tour Of Honor – Visit #3

I hope I’m not about to jinx myself by saying this, but I am already far ahead of last year on my Tour Of Honor visits.  My #3 site visit to Cheyenne, Wyoming happened a couple weeks ago and has already been approved and scored.  My riding buddy and I are planning to visit two more sites tomorrow and those details will be coming in a separate post later on.

So, for my third site visit, I chose Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It’s a pretty quick trip up Interstate 25, but I chose instead to take the more scenic and less chaotic Highway 85.  Yes, it took twice as long, but to me it was worth it to avoid all the crazy drivers and semi truck traffic.

A couple weeks ago, I set out mid morning by myself and it was good for me for a few reasons.  1) I felt I was relying a little too much on my riding partner and I needed to prove to myself that I could navigate and travel on my own.  2) It was a nice, scenic trip with little traffic which is just what I needed to clear my head and really go to my two wheeled happy place again and last but not least 3) I saw some amazing sights and felt a sense of accomplishment doing this trip solo.

Highway 85 travels through some smaller, rural towns here in Colorado and my Google Maps app kept trying to reroute me back to the Interstate.  I just ignored it and enjoyed the slower pace and traveling through some towns that I’ve never seen before.  Just before I crossed the state line into Wyoming, I even saw some antelope on the side of the highway.  That was a cool sight!

The tour of honor site in Cheyenne is a Merci Train boxcar in the parking lot of the American Legion post.  If you’re not familiar with the Merci Train boxcars (as I wasn’t), check them out on your favorite search engine – it’s quite a cool story of friendship and generosity as well as WW II history.


Merci Boxcar in Cheyenne, WY

Tomorrow if all goes well, I will add two more sites to my Tour Of Honor visits, bringing my total for this year to five and leaving only two more to reach my goal of finisher status.  Having fallen short last year, I feel more confident in my ability to finish and much more confident on my bike and with my riding skills.

With my “girl’s trip” in British Columbia, Canada fast approaching, I am motivated to put on some miles to prepare myself for that week of riding.  The Tour Of Honor has been a great motivation to get out there and explore and supports a great cause too!

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