New Gloves!

I was taught about ATTGATT (all the gear, all the time) even before I had my own bike.  I learned this from my former rally partner who got me back into motorcycling.  He was insistent that even as a pillion, I have gear that would protect me in the event of an accident.

However, it didn’t occur to me until earlier this year to take a good look at the gloves I was trusting my hands to.  It was a blog post about gear for newbies that made me think – what am I doing to protect my hands?  In my case the answer was a resounding not enough!  Also, since I work in an office and use a computer for a living, being without the use of my hands will seriously impact my ability to work and therefore my paycheck.

So, that made me start doing research and I found some great glove options over at RevZilla.  As you might imagine, they are not cheap (but what are my hands worth?) and I was hesitant to buy without seeing them.  Last month I went on a business trip that had me flying in and out of Philadelphia and as any RevZilla fan knows, the mother ship is right there!  I knew that for me, no trip to Philly could be complete without a chance to geek out at the RevZilla store.

I also had a wonderful employee at the store help me out and I told her that I was interested in the Held Air N Dry women’s gloves and any others she might suggest that are waterproof.  She pointed out to me that the Held gloves actually have two wearing options – the inside liner is the waterproof and warmer option.  The outside liner is not waterproof but is ventilated.  No more having to pack multiple pairs of gloves and dig them out of the cases when my hands get cold or too hot!  These gloves also have some protection at the knuckles and I like that the longer length gives additional protection to my wrists.

I have worn these gloves since the riding season began and I will say, they have taken a little time to break in and feel truly comfortable.  I believe they are made of kangaroo skin, so the material that makes them durable also makes them need some wear time.  So far, I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to many more years of protection from these gloves!

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