Spring Jitters

Today was another beautiful spring day and I was fortunate to be able o enjoy a good part of it on the motorcycle.  I met up with my riding partner and we headed toward the mountains for some lunch and twisties!  I appreciate the slow pace of spring riding, when I have a chance to sleep in, have a leisurely morning and then take the bike out after the temperatures have warmed up a bit.  By the time summer arrives I will have put several hundred miles on and be feeling more comfortable and ready for longer riding days.

Today we had chosen Bailey, Colorado as our destination, planning to have lunch there and then head back home.  I noticed that the wind picked up considerably as we made our way into the mountains.  The temperature was around 50 degrees but the wind made it feel much, much colder.  During the last few miles, I had turned the heated grips on and was grateful for the warmth on my hands.

As we pulled into the restaurant for lunch, I noticed the parking lot was not the most wonderful surface on which to park a bike.  Trying to put my previous learnings into play, I paid attention to how Sassy was parked and leaning on her kickstand.  I wasn’t comfortable with the angle and recruited my riding buddy to help me push her forward to a more stable and even surface.  We went inside to a nice lunch but I noticed the wind seemed to be picking up even more.

I had the feeling of dread that when I went outside I was going to find my beloved Sassy on her side in the parking lot.  Thankfully that as not the case, but I couldn’t shake the anxiety and the feeling that I and the bike were going over before we left.  I took a couple minutes to calm my thoughts and slow my breathing.  My riding partner, noticing I was not quite myself came over to make sure I was ok.  Once I got on the bike and proved to myself that I was able to stand it up straight and still have both feet down, I was ok.  I have to think this was just a case of the spring jitters since I have not had a lot of riding time yet this spring.

Rather than focus on how the bike had to be moved forward in the uneven parking lot, I decided to celebrate using my past experience to recognize the situation and adjust.  I am so far ahead of where I was at this time last year that I can hardly believe it.  I know that my skills will continue to improve the more I ride and I’m excited about that forward progress.  I am looking forward to even more wonderful riding days ahead and to continuing to grow my skills each time!

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