Tour Of Honor – 2019

So much to catch up on with the blog, so I’m going to start with my most recent adventures and work on filling in the gaps for everyone.

Last week, the Tour Of Honor kicked off as it always does on April 1st.  I am a casual participant in that I plan my visits as I can during the spring, summer and fall.  There are a number of participants that go after the state trophies and head out early on April 1st as soon as the sites are released.  I enjoy reading about their strategy and trips once they return and have successfully (or not!) claimed the trophy for whichever state they went after.  Maybe some day, when I am retired I can join in the trophy chasing fun.

In taking a lesson from last year, I started earlier this year! The weather cooperated nicely last weekend and my riding partner and I headed out to visit two memorials in Colorado.  We had a 3rd in the wings as a possibility, but decided that we’d had enough riding for our first real ride of the season.  I’ve also learned that hail season on our eastern plains is no joke and I plan to visit the site in that area before the end of May.

We enjoyed seeing both memorials and learning about their history.  I planned the route to avoid the interstate as much as possible and we enjoyed a nice, leisurely ride on some state highways to our first destination, in Milliken, Colorado.  This site has a variety of plaques and bricks honoring veterans from World War I, World War II and the Korean War.  It’s a lovely memorial and is well cared for.

Next, we were off to Fort Collins for our 2nd memorial of the day.  There was a bit of adventure navigating to this one as the road near the park was closed for bridge replacement.  We finally pulled over in a neighborhood to review the map and sort out an alternate route.  As we were discussing it, a fellow motorcyclist came over from changing his oil and asked if he could help.  With his help, we were soon on our way again and successful.  This memorial was built in 1989 and includes monuments to World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Enduring Freedom.

Today, it’s hard to believe that the weekend was warm and blue skies because we just came out of a blizzard warning!  This storm ended up bringing only a few inches of wet, heavy snow and much needed moisture to my area. It is spring in Colorado and we do our best to take this in stride, but I will be so happy to see warmer temperatures return!

Let riding season arrive to stay very soon!

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