The Longest Winter

Yes, I’m aware that winter lasts roughly the same amount of time each year, but this one feels longer than normal.  As I write this, I am looking out my office window at yet another several inches of snow.  While I know the water is essential to the dry Denver climate and all the wonder spring brings, all I can think about is when was the last time Sassy and I hit the road . . .

To be honest, I can’t blame it all on winter and the snow we’ve had this year, although it seems like more than normal.  We had some lovely weekend days in February, but I was down and out with the flu!  It’s probably been 20+ years since I’ve had the flu, so I was not amused.  I’m especially grumpy because someone brought it to work.  That just frustrated me even more.  But it also made me think, what is different now than the last time other than the obvious factor, my age.  I realized that another contributor was probably the lack of work-life balance.  I’ve been sick more times in these past few months that I can remember in years prior.  I’ve also taken less time off than in years past.  Coincidence?  I think not!

The good news is that I’m about to change jobs and will soon have paid time off again.  While I had calculated time off into my contractor rate, I certainly wasn’t good at taking it.  That falls squarely on me.  I am already working to remedy that in 2019, and will detail more of those plans in another post.  I’m also taking a week off in between jobs; the work-life balance can start NOW! I’m looking forward to those days off to sleep, catch up with friends and do some other soul renewing things.  If the weather cooperates, maybe I’ll even get to take Sassy out for a ride!

March is when we start to see signs of spring here, even though it can (and often does) snow well into mid-May.  I’m ready to start a new year of riding any day now;  I feel like I’ve already missed too many.  What about you?  Are you able to ride all year around or are you anxiously awaiting the snow to leave as I am?

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