New Year, New Goals!

As many people do, I spend some time at the end of the year thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year.  What goals will I set to improve my riding skills?  Are there places I’ve wanted to see on two wheels that I can fit into my travel schedule for next year?

The trip to Canada with a couple ladies from my PNW tour is mostly planned out already!  Our rental bikes are reserved, most of the hotels are booked and the route is mostly determined.  That trip is just about ready, except for impatiently waiting for summer!

My riding partner and I will no doubt put on quite a few miles together in 2019.  We tend to see where the mood takes us and don’t plan a lot in advance.  I am likely signing up for the Tour of Honor again and going after that finisher goal, since I fell short in 2018.  The sites won’t be released until April 1st so I can’t plan any routes, but I did learned valuable lessons and will make better use of my time this year.

Earlier this month I joined the BMW MOA group and learned there is a weekend get away planned for August in Copper Mountain.  Since that is practically in my backyard, I feel like that is a must do!  It would be a great opportunity to have a weekend in the mountains and meet some other MOA members.

My riding dreams still include a trip to Alaska!  That probably isn’t feasible for 2019 due to the cost and time away from work, but it is something I want to start researching more.  There are so many options, from a fully guided tour, to riding a route the tour company sets to a full on do it yourself, plan your route and ride it option.  I want to consider all of these and decide which one suits me.

I’m excited to see where I will travel on 2 wheels next year and what I will learn along the way!

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