Year In Review

I have written here before about the way I take some time to review the year that is about to pass.  Has it been a good one or one I’m anxious to leave behind?  This year, I am happy to say, has been one of the best in quite a while and I am so grateful!

For me, 2018 started much like most others.  I was already tired of winter and glad the holidays were over.  I was job hunting but had no idea how smart that was until the lay off came in March.  I recovered quickly, finding a new job just weeks later.  I was fortunate!

What I couldn’t foresee was how my riding ability would change and grow.  Or how many new friends I was about to meet.  In that regard, it was a phenomenal year!  Just last January I signed on for the pacific northwest tour that would take me across four states and over 2,000 miles in 9 days.  I made two very dear new friends and built my skills and confidence in ways I could not have imagined.

That trip also helped me realize that the motorcycle I had was not the one I needed.  My Vstrom was a wonderful bike, but it was also too tall and front end heavy for my skill level.  I struggled a lot more than I needed to and almost walked away because I didn’t realize it wasn’t the sport, but the bike that needed to be changed.

My new bike has given me a comfort level that I didn’t realize was possible.  I no longer struggle for balance or worry about being able to put my feet down flat at a stop.  Maybe this won’t be as important as my skills grow, but for now, it’s huge.  I took off on some solo adventures that I never would have had the confidence to take on before the PNW tour.  My only regret is that summer ended too quickly and I had more rides I wanted to try before the cooler weather moved in.

In September a chance encounter on a rest break brought another new riding buddy into my life.  We had some amazing weekend rides together before the weather turned cold and the days grew short.  I’m looking forward to spring so we can continue to explore Colorado together.

As this year comes to a close, I am hopeful that 2019 will build on all the positive changes that came my way this year.  I’m excited to have an entire riding season with my new bike to see what we can accomplish together.  Here we come, 2019; I hope this time next year I will again be writing about my incredible year!

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