Ciao, Bella!

When I bought the new (to me) BMW last month, I knew that also meant selling my 05 Suzuki Vstrom, “Bella”.  As excited as I was about the new bike, I was dreading the sale of my first bike.  I put off listing it for a few days, feeling guilty about it.  My loyal bike had never left me stranded and had done everything I asked.  But, the reality is, I don’t have  garage space for two and I REALLY don’t need two dual sport bikes.  I knew Bella would be spending a lot of time in the garage and that didn’t feel right.

Once I listed the bike, I had some interest pretty quickly.  However, most of these folks wanted me to sell them the bike for trade in value or less.  Some even tried insulting me or the bike to get their low offer accepted.  The first serious buyer I had started pointing out problems as soon as we met.  Oh look, it’s pretty scratched up.  Yes, it’s also a 2005, not a 2018 model.  He made me a low cash offer and stated that if he decided this was not the bike for him, he would turn around and sell it.  He also admitted he was going to look at another bike that afternoon. I turned down his cash offer and told him to go look at the other bike and decide.  No surprise, he texted me later that he purchased the other one.  Good!

A few text exchanges with other barely interested buyers later, I got one that sounded promising.  We emailed a few times, he asked great questions and seemed geniunly interested in Bella.  We arranged to meet one afternoon and I recruited a friend to help me cart the extra seat and accessories to the meeting place.  When this potential buyer arrived, he got a big grin when looking at the bike and talked about how excited he was to see it.  Ahh, this is more like it!

He sat on her, and then asked if it was ok to take a spin around the parking lot.  I already liked how he respected me and my bike.  I was hopeful.  He came back, we talked maintenance and then he made me an offer.  He was anxious to get license plates and take the bike to the mountains that weekend.  I knew this was the right new owner for my Bella!  I expected to feel the same sadness as with the previous potential buyer, but I didn’t.  Instead I was excited that my old friend was going home with someone who was excited to have her and couldn’t wait to begin taking her on adventures.  We settled up the paperwork and Bella went to her new owner.  He easily loaded her on his trailer, secured the bike and away they went, to their new life.

I will miss my old friend, we made some great memories together.  Some of my best riding days were with this bike, but also some of my most frustrating due to the weight and height.  I hope our paths cross again someday, maybe on a twisty mountain road.


Ciao, Bella!  You were my first love and I will cherish the lessons you taught me, always.


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