Introducing Sassy

Yesterday was a chaotic day and I had no idea at the start just how crazy it would become.  I had left a deposit with the local BMW dealer on a 2015 BMW F700GS a week ago to hold it while I sorted out payment.  My credit union made an appointment for me to sign paperwork Friday morning.  Great, I can fit that in between conference calls, no problem!  Except when I arrived, the paperwork wasn’t right.  We spent 30 minutes on the phone straightening that out and determining next steps.  I watched my plans to pick up my new bike go up in smoke.

Between meetings I worked out the details between the dealer and the credit union, asked for forms to be emailed and paperwork redone.  Just as I resigned myself to the fact that I’d be spending my Saturday morning picking up the bike, the call came in – everything is ready, you are good to go!  Scramble time!

Back to the credit union, then home to grab my gear and summon a Lyft to the dealership.  As is typical around Denver on a Friday, the traffic was intense, but we made decent time.  More signatures, more paperwork and pretty soon the bike was all mine!  There was a final walkthrough of how everything works and showing me that the items they agreed to address had indeed been handled.  I was excited and nervous all at once!  Everything just became a little more real.

I pondered several different routes to return home with the new bike, but none were significantly better than any other, so I opted for the shortest, most direct route – straight up I-25.  Traffic was a nightmare in spots and of course there is the occasional driver who comes too close and you wonder if they see you.  I made it home safe and sound and it was so good to arrive.  A bit of rearranging had to be done in the garage since I still have my Vstrom, Bella.  I hate to think about selling Bella but I know she will be a better fit for someone else and I’m sure has a lot of adventure left in her.

As I was riding home, I was pondering the different names I’d come up with for this bike and none of them seemed quite right.  A friend had mentioned the photo gave her the feeling of a sassy attitude and she started referring to the bike as sassy pants.  Well, I decided that was perfect and now it’s official.  Introducing Miss Sassy Pants, a new to me 2015 BMW F700GS.  I’ll call her Sassy most of the time and I think she is going to live up to her new name.  This bike fits me so well and I find it easy to manuever around.  I’m sure it will still take some time to adjust, but so far, so good!


Say hello to Sassy!

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