Planning A Tour

On the PNW tour in June, I had the good fortune of meeting and riding with three other women that I think are just phenomenal!  As I mentioned, we split into our own little riding group early in the tour and had a great time together.  We quickly and easily found our rhythm and realized our riding styles were similar and compatible.  Saying goodbye to them at the end of the tour was the hardest part for me.  Everyone says they will keep in touch, but how many really do?

I can now share that not only have three of us kept in close contact, we have an itinerary planned for our next ride together!  Plans are in the works for summer, 2019 and a lovely route in and around British Columbia, Canada!  We located rental bikes and will be securing those soon.  We have added one and possibly two more ladies to the riding group that we think will fit in wonderfully.

I am blessed to have such amazing friends to ride with, even if we are geographically distant.  I’m excited to meet two other new friends and I think this will be a fine adventure to embark on.  Stay tuned, as details are ironed out, I will be sure to share them here!

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