PNW Tour Day 6 – Rest Day!

Missoula, MT

0 miles! 🙂

I admit it, I had been looking forward to this rest day for a day or two.  I was ready for a break and to sleep in a little bit.  I was also looking forward to doing some laundry as odd as that may sound.  Traveling light and washing shirts out in the sink is nothing new to me, I travel this way often.  But I had packed three base layers and washed them in the sink at least once.  Did I mention it was pretty warm on this trip?  I was ready for some freshly washed and nice smelling clothes!

We were fortunate to have a lovely sunny warm day in Missoula.  Much of the group took the hotel shuttle into the downtown area where there was a food truck and music festival going on.  It was a nice time to relax, enjoy some local food and get to know my tour mates even more.  We walked around and spent some time watching the kayakers and surfers enjoying the waves on the river.  It was fun to watch and take in some of the local fare.

Soon we summoned the shuttle again to take us back to the hotel.  On the way back we stopped off at a local motorcycle dealer to look around.   There was a BMW F650GS out front so I decided to check that out.  Pretty quickly a young man who worked at the shop came running out exclaiming “oh, that’s an awfully big bike, miss!”  I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor as this bike is actually shorter than the one I ride at home.  Before I could recover speech one of my tour mates informed the young man that I was riding a Vstrom 650 all around that week.  He look doubtful but also slightly embarrassed at potentially having offended a customer.  I could only chuckle as I realized that on this day I was wearing a t-shirt with the name of the motorcycle tour company plastered on the front of it!  I almost felt sorry for the poor guy.  In all seriousness though, I long for the day when people do not make assumptions when a woman comes close to a motorcycle.   Do men encounter these kinds of situations too and I haven’t noticed?  I’m curious if this experience is limited to women riders only.

At some point during the day the group of four that had been riding together decided that we absolutely wanted to continue on our own.  We had a route from the tour organizer but also wanted to be sure we were familiar and had addressed any concerns for gas availability.  As dinner was wrapping up at a local restaurant, the KSU time was agreed upon and I packed up to be prepared for another fun day of riding!


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