PNW Tour Day 4 – Issaquah to Walla Walla

Issaquah, WA to Walla Walla, WA

approx. 300 miles

It seemed like the group was pretty worn out from the previous day and knowing we had another 300-ish mile day ahead of us, we opted for a larger amount of interstate riding today.  We went over Snoqualmie Pass where it was raining slightly and about 50 degrees.  This would end up being one of the two times I wished I had packed my mid weight gloves.  Brrr!  Later in the day as the temperatures reached 95 degrees, I was wishing for some of that 50 degrees to return one more time!

I spent much of this day focusing on avoiding my mishaps from the day before.  I worked on finding the balance between using front and back brake to stop.  Also, making sure my left foot was down as I came to a stop so that the right one could remain on the brake no matter what.  I was determined to avoid being caught off guard by another steep slope!  These are all basic skills that I had automatically done in the past, but after the previous day’s experiences, I wanted to feel certain the muscle memory was there without exception.

I don’t seem to have taken any photos this day and I believe that was mostly because we were either fighting the wind or taking a short break to stay on track and arrive at the hotel a bit earlier than the day before.  I had heard that the 3rd travel day of a tour is the one where people start to lose it and that surely seemed to be the case for me.  I had never ridden this many consecutive days and miles before and I could feel the effects on my body.  I don’t remember another day of riding where fighting the wind was such a large factor.  I learned to brace my knee into the tank and become comfortable with turning into the wind to keep the bike on the road.  It was exhausting!



2 thoughts on “PNW Tour Day 4 – Issaquah to Walla Walla

  1. Wind can certainly be very tiring.

    Yes that low day can be normal but then you settle into the groove of touring on the bike, and just enjoying moving through the environment soaking it all in, and then you just don’t want to stop.


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