PNW Tour Day 1 – The Adventure Begins

Denver, Colorado to Bend, Oregon

The beginning of my PNW motorcycle tour was supposed to be the easiest part.  Fly from Denver to Redmond, Oregon.  Catch a shuttle ride to the hotel in Bend and meet the group. Pick up the rental motorcycle and sign paperwork. Start becoming acquainted with the members of my tour.  Enjoy a relaxing evening and rest up.  Seems easy enough, right?  Well, plans have a way of going awry despite the best of planning and preparation.  I was wondering if I would be able to check into my hotel early and what I would do for a couple hours if I couldn’t.  Little did I know how quickly that would change.

There were severe storms near the Denver airport, so all flights were delayed from taking off for about 2 hours.  At one point there was even a question if we would be flying at all that day.  When the jetway was sent back out and the door to the plane was re-opened, I started wondering if my entire trip was about to be derailed. Since the group was heading out Saturday morning and there are very few flights to Redmond each day, I was considering my options carefully.

Thankfully the weather restrictions were lifted after a couple hours and we were off to Redmond. My airport shuttle driver had my flight number so was aware of the long delay and found me in baggage claim when we finally landed.  I reconnected with the motorcycle rental shop and arranged to receive the bike yet that day.  The front desk folks at the hotel insisted I wasn’t on their tour list and they had no room for me.  When I offered to text the tour organizer to resolve this, they quickly found me in their computer.  Funny how that worked out.

I was late to the first group meeting, but at that point I was so happy to have arrived safely, being late was no longer a concern.  Once again, I was reminded that life has a way of working out the details when we just relax and stop trying to control that which is out of our reach.

After meeting the rest of the group, reviewing the tour expectations and guidelines, we set off for a relaxing dinner, wonderful conversation and lots and lots of laughter. This was an earlier evening as KSU was set for 8 AM the next morning. It was all about to become very real . . .

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