Back To Work!

I’m very fortunate that my stint of unemployment is coming to an end, just one month after it began.  I’ve heard comments from well meaning acquaintences about how they would be traveling all the time if they lost their jobs.  I scratch my head and wonder how they would afford these adventures once the paychecks have stopped and the future is so uncertain.  I’m sure they mean well, but I wonder if they have recently lived through the uncertainty of unemployment.

Last Tuesday was the most “interesting” day of my job hunting journey.  I knew this could be a roller coaster, but I had no idea just how high and low we could go in one short afternoon.  I was expecting news on at least one of the interviews I’d had the day before.  The job seemed perfect and I meshed well with the majority of folks I met at the interview, including the hiring manager.  By noon on Tuesday I was climbing the walls waiting for news.  I decided the best stress relief was for Bella and I to hit the road for a bit.

As I rode west, I noticed the sky was clear blue and the snow on the mountains stood out in a stark white contrast.  It was almost a perfect day!  Almost perfect because  the wind started gusting and shoving Bella (and me!) across the road.  I hate wind so much; as a newer rider I find it very unsettling.  I thought perhaps I would enjoy a reprieve when I turned north, but the wind was relentless and seemed to be coming from every direction.

As I turned for home, I realized there still had not been a call about the job interview.   The call finally came in just as I pulled into the garage and removed my helmet.  Once as the recruiter began to speak I knew the news was not what I had been hoping for.  The decision was in and they were changing their skills criteria and starting the search again.  Darn it!  This was devastating to me, having been told I was the front runner and the job was likely coming to me.  I wish the recruiter had never shared this and gotten my hopes up so far.  I called a couple friends, one who is also job hunting and we made plans to meet up for coffee and share our sorrows together.

A mere two hours later, another call came in as I was having coffee with my friend.  This time from another recruiter I had been working with.  This time the news was good – a great job offer for a job that I was very excited about.  This one had moved quickly and then suddenly slowed, so I was not expecting news that day.  I gratefully accepted and marveled at how quickly life can change.  In one phone call, my entire situation turned around!

I am beginning this next chapter in my professional life tomorrow morning.  I have high hopes that it will be as interesting, fulfilling and challenging as it seemed in the interview.  My riding time will be relegated to weekends again for a bit, but that’s ok.  I’m ready to return to work and a regular paycheck that will help support my motorcycle adventures.

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