Tour Of Honor

If you’re not familiar, the Tour Of Honor is a self directed “ride” that sends registrants in search of various memorials honoring our veterans.  The Tour runs from April 1st to October 31st each year.  The list of memorials changes from year to year and is emailed out on April 1st which seems to add to the fun and suspense.  There are countdowns on the website as well as in the Facebook group.  It’s all part of the fun!  The Tour also raises money for several charities benefitting veterans and first responders.

I’ve heard about this ride many times in the past via Iron Butt friends who would post photos on their Facebook pages.  I thought wow, this is just what I need – a good reason to go out and ride, an actual destination that I can choose and navigate to.  In addition, every registrant chooses one of the year’s charities for their donations.  So not only am I learning new navigation skills and putting on some miles, my donation is helping others – a win, win!

There are some folks who have planned their starting point and will be ready to route and ride when the list drops after midnight tonight.  They may be going after the state trophies or the fundraising top prizes, I’m sure there are a variety of reasons.  While I admire their enthusiasm, I will not be one of those people! 🙂  My goal for this first year is to finish, which means visiting (and documenting) my ride to seven sites on the Tour.

How do you prove you were actually there and on your bike you may be asking.  Each registered rider has a flag with a number assigned to them.  In order to document your ride, you must provide a photo with your flag on the bike and the designated memorial visible too.



This is my flag – #490 and I will be placing it somewhere on my bike when I arrive at each memorial to take the photo proving I was there.  Then the photos are emailed the scorers and they make the official ruling if you were indeed in the correct place and have proven it.

I’m hoping there is at least one memorial chosen that’s in the Denver metro area so I can start my journey in the next week or two.  One might think that being unemployed this is all I would be doing, but the job search and interviewing has (thankfully) been keeping me busy as of late.

I will also be reviewing the list of memorials to see if any will be in my path of travel on the women’s pacific northwest trip this June.  I may be able to take a slight detour during the trip or spend a day before or after to catch a memorial or two in that part of the country.

My goal is to ride safely, have some fun and learn some new navigation skills.  Having so many military veterans in my family tree makes this ride extra special for me as I know I will be honoring their memories too.

Stay tuned for updates and photos as I begin my Tour of Honor rides over the next few months!

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