No Particular Destination

Some of my favorite rides are those that begin with no particular destination.  I may have a general direction in mind, (maybe I’ll head north today) but that’s all.  Since I take my cell phone and its various mapping apps with me, I’m never worried about being too lost.  Plus, there is the benefit of those gorgeous Rocky Mountains off to the west.  All you need is a clear day and you generally have an idea where you’re at, or at least which general direction may lead you home.

Last weekend I was feeling very unsettled.  I had spent the week job hunting and taking screening calls for new jobs.  All great activities but for an introvert like me, they are also mentally draining.  I was having a tough time getting out of my own head, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather and pointed Bella north to see where we would end up.

I spent the next couple of hours turning on this road and that experiencing new views.  When a road would end, I would turn in a new direction and see what lay beyond the next hill.  Because I needed to focus on my riding in these unfamiliar areas, it helped me turn off the dialog in my head about my job search and the recent lay off.  It was exactly what I needed to recharge!

Last night we had some lovely, huge snowflakes falling as often happens in March.  By mid-day the snow was gone (also typical for spring here) and I find myself again wanting to take off for parts unknown.  I’m working to embrace the gaps in my job search that allow me to slow down, take care of myself and catch my breath.  I’m so grateful to have beautiful days and a bike to take me to parts unknown so I can reconnect and recharge myself.

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