More Time To Ride

Life is ever changing, isn’t it?  One of my greatest challenges in life has been learning to accept that things will change, people will come and go and worrying or stressing over it really does me no good.

My intuition has been warning me all year that a change was coming at work.  It wasn’t much of a stretch to look around and see less projects, less work and fewer customers coming our way.  A close colleague of mine was laid off in January and it caught me off guard; it was devastating as we worked closely together and I was surprised by the news.  But I also paid attention to my instincts that said start your own job search, because this isn’t over yet.  I’m really glad I did, because last Friday an unexpected meeting popped up on my calendar and I felt a sense of doom.  I was laid off along with most of my colleagues.

While losing a job is never fun and it’s certainly stressful looking for another and keeping the finances together while you do, I am choosing to focus on the positive.  Spring isn’t far away here in the Denver area.  I have a few friends who have work schedules that allow them to ride during the week when the traffic is less nuts.  And now I will have the chance to join them for a bit before I return to the regularly employed work force!  From past experience I know that I interview better when I find the right balance of job searching and fun activities that keep me feeling balanced.

Yes, I want to secure a new job pretty quickly.  But I am already planning some riding time here and there to help me maintain balance.  Onward and upward to the next opportunity!

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