Front Fork Seals

My last adventure in fluids leaking from the bike resulted in the discovery of an oil filter that had started leaking, causing oil to pool in the engine guard.  I was happy to have help locating and addressing that issue and thought my problems were solved.  Well, not so fast . . .

On a warm day in January I took Bella out for a test ride to ensure the new oil filter had fixed the leak and all was well.  Despite wanting to stay out longer, I heeded the advice to take a short ride and come back to check for leaks.  There were none, yay!  The celebration didn’t last long, however.

A day or two later I noticed more oil spots on my garage floor.  They were further forward than the oil filter, so I put down some newspaper and sure enough, the new spots were near the very front.  A flashlight and some looking around soon revealed that one of my front forks was leaking.  Darn it!

As I often do, I searched the Internet for information – was this a difficult job, one that I would find myself wishing I hadn’t taken on myself?  Was it an easy fix that I could handle quickly?  I also asked a couple friends and they both scrunched up their noses and said “oh boy, that’s a messy job!  It’s not difficult but we don’t do our own” were the responses.  Rats!  While that was not what I was hoping to hear, I appreciated their honestly and ultimately decided Bella was going in for professional help.

I sought out the help of a local repair shop that came highly recommended from several people.  They were wonderful, willing to share their knowledge and happy for the business.  After a couple reschedules due to winter returning, I finally made the trip on Valentine’s Day to drop Bella off.  Another lucky break in the weather had me picking her back up the next weekend.

Since the fork seal had been leaking for a while, the front brake pads were replaced also.  Not the best news since I had just replaced them over a year ago, but it beats oil soaked brakes I’d say. While she was there, the technicians checked out the rest of her systems and found no issues.  Since I was planning on having that done in the spring, it was nice to have this out of the way early.

As I sit here now, looking at the snow out my window, I’m glad that spring is not far away AND that my bike is ready for spring now.  I’m looking forward to a fun riding season and new learning adventures.

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