Stickers, Olive Oil & a Thumbnail

How’s that for a blog title? 🙂  Forgive me, I haven’t ridden for a couple of weeks now and its making me a little silly.  Why haven’t I ridden you might ask?  Other than the 8″ of snow that is still melting from a week ago, Bella has a new leak.  That’s a topic for another blog post.

So, the new license plate sticker came in the mail last week.  The DMV so kindly reminds you on the envelope that you should remove the soon to expire sticker before applying the new one.  Can I just say that is so much easier said than done?

My first thought was to take a utility knife and try to scrape the old one off.  Well, I also took a bit of my license plate material with it, so I quickly abandoned that idea.  I searched online because I assumed someone else had to have this question like I did.  The most common suggestions were rubbing alcohol and baby oil along with using a plastic card, like a credit card to scrape the old sticker.

Rubbing alcohol didn’t seem to do a darn thing in my situation.  Maybe if you are able to pull the top part of the sticker off and just the sticky part remains that would be useful.  My old sticker remained firmly in place and showed no signs of being affected by the rubbing alcohol.  The plastic card suggestion came with the instructions “try to pry a corner up and pull”.  Yeah, right!  Nice thought, but there was no corner lifting on the old sticker.  It was on there pretty well.

Today I decided to try some olive oil (no babies in this house, thank you very much!).  I put some on a paper towel and held it on the sticker for a couple minutes.  Then I used a combination of the plastic card and my fingernails to scrape.  Guess what?  That worked!  The sticker did come off in tiny pieces that sometimes lodged under my fingernails (ouch!) but after a few minutes of scraping, Bella is ready for her new sticker on her license plate!  I wanted to be sure the plate was going to hold the new sticker, so I did use some soap and water to clear away any olive oil residue.

Right now I’m grateful that the month sticker didn’t have to be replaced too!

Here’s the plate, all ready for the new year sticker to be added:

license plate

Better not forget to add the new year sticker!

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