Look, No Leaks!

After the leaking oil filter and then dead battery I was feeling a bit discouraged.  But, life is finally returning to normal and looking good.  Last week I added fuel stabilizer to Bella’s gas tank and per the instructions, let the engine run for a good 5 minutes to ensure it worked its way through the system.

I knew that still on my list was a short ride (15-30 minutes) to test the oil filter.  Yesterday was nice and warm, so I had decided that was the day.  It was a wonderful moment when my bike started on the very first try (thank you new battery) and after letting it warm a bit, off I went.

It was a perfect day for riding and after the work week I just had, I would loved to gone out and ridden for hours to clear my head.  But, I resisted and kept to the suggested short ride.  After reluctantly returning to the garage, I checked the oil filter for leaks and seeing none, put down some newspaper on the garage floor as a back up.

This morning I checked again and so far, so good – no sign of any oil leaks anywhere!  I suspect that either the last filter was faulty or it had been put on too tightly and caused it to leak.  When taking it off we could see a flat spot where the oil was likely leaking from. I’ll never know for sure, but it will cause me to be more careful when changing the filter in the future and be sure to only hand tighten.

My next task is to replace the engine guard, which isn’t difficult, it’s just heavy and awkward for one person.  I plan to find something (scrap wood maybe?) to help hold the guard up while I replace the bolts.   I will be checking the oil filter more closely over the next several rides just to be sure a new leak doesn’t start.  It may be a slow time for riding, but it has been a great time for learning about maintenance!

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