Then The Battery Went . . .

Right before Christmas I had another lesson in changing the oil and was so relieved to learn that my oil leak was just an oil filter gone bad.  That was resolved on the last warm evening we had just before Christmas.  I was hoping for warm(er) weather on Christmas Day so I could ride.  Well, I think the high was in the teens that day.  Call me a wimp if you like, but even with heated gear, I do not find riding in temps that low enjoyable.

As always happens in Colorado, a few days later we came out of the deep freeze and returned to lovely warm temperatures.  Awesome, I thought, I can go out for a ride and give this oil filter a check to ensure it’s not leaking.  Turn the key, hit the ignition button and grrrr, grrr, dead.  Oh no.  Now what?  The battery seemed the logical place to start.

I pulled the battery and used cable ties to hold the positive and negative cables into their respective bunches.  No way did I need another problem by crossing up wires.  I took my battery to the local auto parts store and they were happy to test it for me.  As I suspected, the testing machine said it was very near death and needed to be replaced.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had a replacement battery available, it simply needed to come from another store in the area.  The next morning I was there, happily picking up my new battery.  I was SURE I’d be riding in an hour at the most.  Except, that didn’t happen.  Darn it!

I have my heated gear controller and my battery tender wired into my battery for ease of use so there are four cables on each terminal that have to be connected.  Seems easy enough, right?  I tried numerous times, thought I had it all connected and then one of the wires would pull away.  Try again, same result.  Finally today it dawned on me; there is a tiny nut inside the battery terminal that must be held up until the bolt is in far enough to grab it.  So let’s see, we have to hold the cables, turn a screwdriver AND hold a little nut up?  That sounds like a three handed job!  Not to mention my garage is dark, so a flashlight comes in handy while doing this.  Ugh.

After three days of fighting this battery, I finally gave in and asked a fellow rider friend for help and extra hands.  She gladly stopped by and gave an assist!  What ended up working was taking a cable tie, folding that in half and using it to hold the nut in place while the bolt was turned.  Success!  Bella was not so sure she wanted to start after a couple of weeks sitting in the cold, but she did at last.  I’m sure my verbal encouragement to Bella was the deciding factor and she finally said ok, I will do this for you so stop begging.  But you OWE ME some fuel stabilizer and soon.    Ha ha ha, ok, maybe not.  I am looking forward to the next warm up so I will finally be able to get out and ride again!

My next maintenance task is running some fuel stabilizer through and it will be taken care of this week.

Happy New Year everyone.  May you ride well, ride often and be safe this year!

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