Just Ride

Seems easy enough doesn’t it?  I mean, what other reason is there for buying a motorcycle other than to ride it?  Strangely enough, this was something I struggled with over the last couple of months.  Part of the reason was my inexperience – I felt intimidated by riding on the streets.  Another part was not having anyone to ride with all the time.  Last but not least, I also felt that I needed a destination in order to take Bella out.

I finally decided that these issues were not going to go away on their own and I began to tackle them one by one.  Clearly, if I never ride on the street I am not going to gain the experience I need to ride on the street.  A woman I met at a group meeting last winter shared that when she started, she focused on making bigger and bigger “circle” each time she went out.  She found comfort in venturing further and further from her home on each trip.  That sounded like a great idea to me and it did indeed help me.

Then I focused on the not having anyone to ride with.  Well, so what I decided!  Yes there are groups that ride together and some ride on week days when I’m at work.  Some ride on weekends but were tackling trips that I was not prepared for . .  well, doesn’t that lead me back to problem #1?  I was starting to feel pretty silly by this point.

Only recently have I tackled the feeling that I don’t have a destination and so what’s the point.  I have ridden my bike to work – there’s a destination!  I have gone out to run errands.  When I began finding myself sad about heading home, I realized that I had a choice to keep on going to anywhere.  Who said I “need” a destination?  Is that some weird law?  Clearly not, so I decided that was just silly and all I really needed to was to get on the bike and start moving forward.  Isn’t it rather like life in that the joy is in the journey, not the destination?  Ah, lightbulb moment.

Today I began with a destination and then just went where I felt like going until I was ready to stop.  Along the way I would ask myself, am I ready to turn for home yet?  If the answer was no, keep going and see what else we see along the way.  I didn’t keep track of how many miles I put on, but when my arms started to ache and the clouds looked like rain on the way, I decided that was time.

Over the past week I have ridden all but one day.  Is it any coincidence that I feel happy and peaceful?  I think not!

Don’t overthink it, just go out and ride – anywhere!

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