Prepping For Spring

Winter always lasts too long for me.  I find this rather humorous since I grew up in Michigan and have lived in Colorado for more than half my life.  Winters here are nothing compared to the Midwest, and this year has been especially mild for us.  I think it must be due to my buying a motorcycle in November that this winter seems far, far too long.  🙂

I’ve been busy though, riding on the beautiful days that we’ve been blessed with and learning along the way.  Last week I went out for what ended up being my longest solo ride yet on city streets.  It wasn’t a lot of miles, but for me it was a big accomplishment; to face my fear and go anyway.  The drivers I encountered were respectful and allowed me plenty of space.  I know this may not always be the case, but it was a great start and helped me build some confidence.

Two other projects that I completed over the past month are replacing the windshield on my bike and doing my very first oil change!  I knew when I bought the bike that it needed both of these projects and both ended up being easier than I anticipated.

First the windshield – when I bought Bella (my bike is named Bella), she had a chopped off windshield that was painted solid black.  It allowed a lot of wind to hit me in the face and I knew that just wasn’t going to work long term.  After a good bit of research, I decided on the MadStad windshield which is adjustable both in height and angle to eliminate the wind turbulence.  They were great to work with in selecting a windshield that is suitable for my bike and me. It was easy to install and I was pleasantly surprised that the entire project took only minutes!

My second project was also fairly easy, but having never done this before, I was unsure at first.  Bella badly needed an oil change so I researched different filters and oil types and away I went.  (Do you see a theme here?  Yes, I’m a researcher when it comes to where to spend my money!)  I had a little help from my boyfriend – he loosened the drain plug when it was more than I could handle and directed me in what step to do next, but I did the work.  The whole project was done in a blink and I was pretty impressed with how easy it was.  Granted, I won’t need to change the oil out on the road, but I’m adamant about knowing how to take care of my own bike and being the one who decides on what goes in and on it.  For me, it is part of the process of building a relationship with my bike.

I’m looking forward to more spring like days and putting on more miles.  I’m currently researching options to help build my confidence and skills on the road.  More posts to come on that topic, so stay tuned!

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