A Very Bella Christmas

Most years Christmas at my house is anything but traditional! Since I don’t have family nearby, I tend to do things like watch movies, chat with friends and maybe take a road trip to the mountains on Christmas.

This year, Christmas Eve turned out to be a very warm and sunny day – it would have been a great day for riding except for one small detail; the recently purchased controller for my heated gear hadn’t been connected to the battery yet! Also, Bella’s previous owner let me know he had a goody bag of items for Bella all ready to be picked up. Yay – a Bella Christmas!

Inside the bag of goodies, I found a device that connects to the brake light and sends a flashing light pattern that is intended to get the attention of anyone driving behind. I tend to think anything that grabs the attention of a driver behind me and keeps me from becoming a grease spot on the road is awesome! This device has lots of options for flashing brake lights and even hazards. I decided on a pattern that appealed to me and the wires that were not going to be used were knotted to avoid confusion and keep them out of the way.

One of the tasks was sorting out which wire controls the tail light and which controls the brake light.  I remembered that my dad had given me a multi meter many years ago and went to search for it.  Once I found the box and tool the meter out, I noticed a folded piece of paper underneath that I didn’t recall being there.  When I unfolded it, I discovered a note from my dad!  He passed away a few years ago and finding this note on Christmas Eve was quite a gift!  A short work break ensued while I dried a few tears and put the note in a safe place where I will be able to read it often!


Of course, the way my bike is built, the back end had to be disassembled to gain access to the tail light housing and incorporate this gadget into it. Oh yes, and that also involved taking off the exhaust pipe! It wasn’t as scary as I initially thought and soon we had this little gadget installed and were able to put the pieces back together again. Yes, I was a little skeptical as you can see in one of these photos. Taking apart the back half of my bike sounded scary, but it all ended well.



It was also a great time to connect the battery tender to the battery as well as the heated controller so that both are ready to go when I need them. The hardest part of this job was overcoming my trepidation of dealing with the battery. I’ve managed to avoid this all my adult life (I am not proud of this!) and once I had a couple lessons on battery safety, I was ready to jump in and tackle this task too! In no time at all the battery tender and heated gear controller were permanently connected to the battery. I also tested the heated gear to make sure we had it all set up properly and that felt pretty good on a cool day!

For now the heated gear controller will hang out in my tank bag and I’ll see how that works. One feature I really like about this controller is the color coding of the knobs matches the wires, so there is no guessing about which item is connected to which control knob. Also, when the yellow controller is on, there is a yellow light that illuminates; same for the red controller – this is SO cool to me!


It was a very fun and Bella focused Christmas Eve!  I’m so glad to have all of this work behind me. Now when the next nice, sunny winter day comes along, I’ll be ready to plug in my heated gear and take her out for a nice ride!

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