Introducing Miss Bella

Introducing Miss Bella

Ok, it was not in my plan to buy a motorcycle in November. Not even close. Yes, I know it seems a little bit crazy. I had my savings plan organized and intended to start looking in March, if the weather was good. Well, you know what they say about plans, right?

A couple weeks ago I spent a few minutes searching Craigslist for motorcycles. I can’t honestly say why; it seemed like the thing to do in that moment. My first search yielded bikes that were newer and more expensive than what I had in mind. I revised the search a bit and only two came up – one I had seen on the previous search and a new result, a lovely blue Suzuki Vstrom DL 650 . . . uh oh.

The price was good, the photos were great (and showed that yes, she has some scratches). The description just kept clicking off more and more of my wish list; crash bars, Givi bags, lowered seat, lowered pegs, etc. I could have stopped there and just closed the webpage, but NO, I had to share the ad with a couple friends for their input too.

Within a couple days I was face to headlight with this beautiful bike. Once I threw a leg over, it was instant love on my part. The fit was darn near perfect for me. The mechanics checked out as being sound. This bike has been well loved and has some custom parts that made her easy to say yes to. The seller was motivated as he moved from Texas without a car and had realized that riding a motorcycle in the winter was not an option here in Colorado.

The seller seemed surprised that I was ready to do this and had cash on the spot; we agreed on a price and closed the deal. This beautiful bike came home with me that very night. The next morning, I woke up thinking that perhaps I had dreamed the whole thing up. A quick peek into the garage confirmed that no, I had not dreamed it – there she was!  Yay!!

I want to build a relationship with my bike and for me, that meant giving her a name. Seeking inspiration caused me to think back on my travels to Italy.  I recalled hearing friends call ‘Ciao, bella!’ to each other. A bit of searching led me to the explanation that the literal translation of “bella” means beautiful, but it is also used as a term of endearment by close friends. Yes, that was what I wanted to convey and I named my bike Bella. She is beautiful and dear to me and I know we are going to build a strong relationship over time.

The timing may not make sense to anyone else, but it worked out perfectly for me. We are fortunate to have some beautiful, warm days throughout the late fall and winter; Bella and I will be hitting the streets together on those days. I believe that things work out as they should and this was no exception. I’m so excited to start building a relationship with MY Bella.


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