Even More Pennies

This past Thursday was pretty amazing and I dare say, a bit bewildering. I bought a used motorcycle (which deserves its own post!) and after getting it home, I started sorting keys and saddlebags and such. One of the items I was lucky enough to receive was a very nice Wolfman tank bag – it looks brand new and I am so grateful the seller included it; that was a wonderful surprise.

A few days ago I wrote about my dad and his pennies from Heaven. I received two of them on the last day of my motorcycle safety class and was blown away. Well, my dad was apparently paying attention Thursday too and this time he really outdid himself. As I was checking out the new tank bag, I opened one of the side pockets and caught a glimpse of something shiny. I could hardly believe my eyes when I realized there was a penny in there. My rally partner had kindly ridden the bike home for me and I called him over to look inside the pocket at my discovery. He was viewing it from a different angle and said uh, I think there’s more than 1; you better look again.

Sure enough, as I put my hand inside the pocket, I discovered another penny . . . and then another and another. All in all, there were 21 pennies in that tank bag pocket. I saw the previous owner go through his tank bag to be sure he has all his personal items out of it. Finding one penny didn’t surprise me – they are easy to overlook and they hide well in dark pockets. But 21 of them? That was no coincidence; that was my dad giving a big thumbs up to this most recent step in my journey.



I had planned on finding a place in my bike bag for the 1 shiny penny I found during the last day of my class. Now I have 21 more to add to it. Wherever I go, I will be taking a little piece of my dad with me via his pennies from Heaven. I hope he keeps sending them to remind me that’s he’s always with me and knows that I’ve finally returned to motorcycling!

I miss you Dad! Thank you for watching over me and cheering me on.

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