Look Back, Look Ahead

This post isn’t about motorcycle safety, although looking back and ahead is great advice to ensure one is safe on the road. Especially the way drivers seem to be distracted today with their devices.

Instead this post is about life. October is a month that always causes me to pause and reflect on the year coming to a close and the one soon to begin. It’s like the calm before the holiday storm (dare I say holiday madness?) begins. The seasonal change from summer to autumn is in full swing by October and I can’t help but think about the days both behind and ahead of me. How did summer pass so quickly? Will we have a lot of snow this winter? What tasks do I have to complete before that happens and how will I ever get them all done?

Three years ago, October found me recently back from Italy and still in my post travel glow from all the new experiences. It was short lived as I came home to massive plumbing issues that were costly to repair. Just as I sorted out my budget to resolve that, my job of nearly 17 years went away and I went into a panic! That was an experience I hope never to repeat, but now I know that I will be fine and panic isn’t going to help much.

Two years ago, October was all about being in a job that wasn’t a good fit for me, with a grueling commute that I knew would  be made worse by winter weather. I was exhausted, unhappy and grumpy much of the time. I was wondering how life could possibly pull me out of this one and when that might happen. I was grateful to be working and making great money though, so I felt conflicted.  I certainly didn’t expect to be job hunting just two months later, but as it often does, everything worked out just fine.

One year ago, October found me just back from a lovely trip to Ireland, a place I had always wanted to visit. It was everything I’d hoped and then some! A relationship that was unhealthy for me had just ended, as it needed to; for me there is grief even when I know this is what’s best. One of the most impactful parts of last October was saying goodbye to my 20+ year old kitty, Tyler. He was tired and it was time, he let me know in so many ways, but it certainly was not easy.

This year I am days away from taking my motorcycle class again and my savings goals include purchasing a suitable first bike in the spring. There are other changes afoot that I can’t share yet, but they are positive and I am excited for them to come! As I told a friend recently, I was beginning to feel a bit lazy as of late, like I was not pushing hard enough for my goals or change in my life. In a matter of days, a tidal wave of change headed my way and I found myself wondering how I was going to juggle it all.  Even positive changes have an impact on our lives whether we realize it or not.

My point in all this is that we never know what lies just around the corner except that it will certainly be different from today. Life is always changing and we (hopefully) are growing and adapting with it. Maybe that in itself is the goal – to successfully navigate the changes that life brings be they positive or negative. At the same time, I wonder where will I be one year from now? What new adventures await me?

What new adventures await you?

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